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Surveys of ecological demage, remediation


  • Screening surveys of environment contamination for applicants of ground purchase in abondoned areas, so called "brownfields", or in green fields too, bill of environment coasts by reason of contamination.
  • Projection and implementation of geological surveys aimed to indicationt of soil and ground water contamination and their remediation, ecological damage assessment.
  • Assesment of human- and environment hazard from ecological damage include proposal of  remediation variants.
  • Remediation of soils and ground water, sampling of contaimanated media (soil, sediments, slime, water, waste and air), treatment of danger waste.
  • Quality monitoring of ground-, surface-, drinking- and waste water in industrial and agriculture areas and sites near of ecological demage, settlement of ecological avarages.
  • Opponency and supervision of environment remediation.